Information Literacy is the set of skills involving the finding of information and the subsequent use thereof. The term was first used by Paul Zurkowski in 1974 in an address to the US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science [1].

It falls within the broader domain of information science.

Definitions of Information LiteracyEdit

For more see the article Definitions of Information Literacy

Authors seem to be at odds over whether there is a single adequate definition of information literacy.

History of Information LiteracyEdit

As noted earlier Zurkowski was the first person to use the term "Information Literacy", but the idea has its historical roots in library or bibliographic instruction.

Organisations in Information LiteracyEdit

In Anglophone countries, there seem to be 3 dominant national organisations involved in Information Literacy . These are the Association College and Research Libraries, the Society of College, National and University Libraries and Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy.

Promoting Information LiteracyEdit


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